without you
without you i’m stranded like a boat without an ocean
a drifter through the crowd and i’m lonesome
thinking of the last word that you said
your voice is just an echo in my head

but songs don’t change the past
and every day i want you back

without you there’s nothing left but rain on sunday morning
no more tears to cry but i’m learning
one and one is three
and nothing’s what it seems to be

but words won’t change the past
with every breath i want you back

i’m alone without you
and i’m lost without you

when i can’t walk i run
the sidewalk cracks becoming canyons
and in my dreams i see us standing
face to face - then i wake and you’re gone


i’m alone without you
and my life’s just wasted time without you
and now the sun don’t seem to shine without you
and all this pain is mine without you
and i’m lost without you

without you